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Dumpster Rental Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you serve?

Haul Away Express serves Auburn, AL, Opelika, AL, and the neighboring areas.

How much does it cost to rent a dump trailer?

The weekly rate is a fixed $795.00.
Payment can be made through C.O.D. or by a local check from the homeowner exclusively.
The homeowner or the contracted individual/party is responsible for covering any fees and items placed into the trailer.

How long can I keep the dump trailer?

Our dump trailer rentals extend for a duration of one week, which includes a single dump of 3 tons (equivalent to 6,000 pounds).
For each extra day beyond the initial week, there will be a charge of $150.00 per day.
Should you require additional dumps, the cost will be $85.00, plus the applicable Landfill Fee.
Please note that all dump activities are scheduled from Monday to Friday, aligning with landfill hours, excluding holidays.

What is the size of a typical household cleanup?

The typical household clean outs are 4000 lb. (2 tons) or less.

Can I have the trailer removed early?

Early removal of the dump trailer at the customer’s request is permitted.
Please note that no refunds, credits, or extra charges will apply for such early removal.

Am I allowed to rent a dumpster at my house or apartment?

We excel in delivering residential services, focusing on neighborhoods with a commitment to excellence. Our mobile trailers are designed to leave your driveways without a trace of scratches, scrapes, or damage.

For a seamless experience, we advise reaching out to your HOA or apartment management to confirm whether the use of a dump trailer is permissible.

What items can not be discarded in the dump trailer?

  • Chemicals
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Biological Waste
  • Large Amounts of Concrete
  • Flammable Materials
  • Hot Water Tanks
  • Paint
  • Appliances containing Freon (Freezers, Refrigerators, etc.)
  • Oil Soaked Rags
  • Gasoline / Fuel
  • Batteries
  • Asbestos